Stanfield's Introduction to Health Professions, Seventh Edition

Now in full color, the Seventh Edition of Stanfield's Introduction to Health Professions provides comprehensive coverage of all the major health professions. This valuable resource is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a health-related career but are still exploring and have not yet decided on a career. The Seventh Edition outlines more than 75 careers and touches on every major facet of the field including a descri...

Jesus in History, Thought, and Culture: An Encyclopedia

The alphabetical arrangement of this set is easily browsed thanks to numerous see also references to parallel or derivative themes. Each of the 200 precisely written and signed articles range in length from two pages (Crossan, J. D.; Didache; Manichaeism; Masculinity; Paranormal) to forty pages (Art, on Jesus' depiction in art through the ages). A sampling of other articles includes Adoptianism; Baptism; Chinese Christianity; Gnostic...

Qigong Basics

Along with an overview of Qigong, the book contains everything to get started - choosing the form, teacher, and class best suited to their needs. The book shows the elements of the style–breathing, stances, grounding, expansions, and meditation giving readers hands-on fitness training. Like all the other books in the Basics series, Qigong Basics offers a complete introduction and a manual readers can return to for years to come.

Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Kevin Muldowney, MsPT has been treating people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome since 2005. As a physical therapist, he has developed an exercise protocol to help stabilized the many joint subluxations/dislocations associated with this genetic disorder. This book is intended for the person diagnosed with EDS to both inform them about the healthcare team needed to properly treat them as well as to guide both the physical therapist and thei...

Digital Experience Design: Ideas, Industries, Interaction

Although the dot-com bubble burst long ago, the interactive media industry is still flush with fresh talent, new ideas, and financial success. Digital Experience Design chronicles the diverse histories and perspectives of people working in the dot-com world alongside an account of the current issues facing the industry. From the perspective of older disciplines such as education, fine art, and cinema, this volume investigates how dot...

Fly Fishing Guide to the Colorado River and Tributaries

In my twenty-nine years of running the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, Colorado, I met a lot of guides, hired a lot of guides, and fired a few. The feedback from Bob’s trips consistently was close to miraculous. Clients wanted to be with him on the water because he knew the river, the fish, how to catch them, when to be there, and which flies to use. Bob’s book is filled with knowledge only gained from years on the Colorado, his back...

Shakespeare and the Resistance

"Continuing her learned and provocative account of Shakespeare's religion and politics in Shadowplay, Clare Asquith turns her attention, in this beautifully written and informative book, to the narrative poems ... demonstrating that Shakespeare would have been as gripped by such events as Russian writers were by the communist terror, and as unable as they to express his thoughts directly. If you love Shakespeare, England, and our Chr...

Roosh's Brazil Compendium: Pickup Tips, City Guides, And Stories

Let's start with Fortaleza. I was there in July, time of the winter holidays in Sao Paolo and Rio. The people in Fortaleza were Beautiful People from the big city. They were gorgeous, many blonde, both guys and girls. It was a wonder to observe, a chance to dance, but absolutely nothing more. Beach was nice but kind of common, public. None of the beautiful people visible during the day. Moral of the story: time and circumstance have ...

Tasting Tourism: Travelling for Food and Drink

Along with basic practical reasons, our practices concerning food and drink are driven by context and environment, belief and convention, aspiration and desire to display - in short, by culture. Similarly, culture guides how tourism is used and operates. This book examines food and drink tourism, as it is now and is likely to develop, through a cultural 'lens'. It asks: what is food and drink tourism, and why have food and drink prov...

Maintaining Arctic Cooperation with Russia : Planning for Regional Change in the Far North

This report examines potential transformations that could alter Russia’s current cooperative stance in the Arctic. It analyzes current security challenges related to climate and geography, economy, territorial claims, and military power, suggests some ways in which these could undermine Arctic cooperation, and offers recommendations for the U.S. government to manage the risks to cooperation.